However you arrive — by car, by air, on foot, cycling, swimming, sailboat, or in a bathtub — you will find a long list of pleasures awaiting you.

Anyone who has travelled extensively and enjoyed the hospitality of other yacht clubs is probably accustomed to paying fees to enjoy the reciprocal priviliges of those clubs. Elkhorn Yacht Club is proud to extend the hospitality of the house to members in good standing of other yacht clubs with no associated fees or payments required.

Guests who arrive in their own vessels are welcome to tie up at our guest dock for the duration of their stay (free for the first 48 hours, then harbor berth fees apply), and the local community will greet you with a full range of restaurants, shopping, and other amenities. If all that was not enough, one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations, the fabled Monterey Peninsula, is just a short drive from our door, along with the rest of California’s fabled golden central coast.

It may be that the only drawback to your visit will be having to end it and go back home!