Casual Sailing


On the Bay

On the Bay

We have two semi-organized sailing events most weeks. Where members, and non-members, get together and go sailing. The only qualification needed is the willingness to go out and enjoy Monterey Bay. We are typically on the water by 11:30 am and return by 3:00 pm. Depending on a variety of factors we decide which boat(s) to use and if more than one, decide on crew allocation. To participate, just show up. For novices, this is an excellent introduction to sailing. For skippers with new (or new to them) boats, or infrequently used boats, this is an excellent way to shake out the wrinkles (and not only in the sails).

This tends to be a fair weather group. Winds more than 20 kt or less than 5 kt tend to postpone as do large swells (more than 6-7 feet).

A good source for local marine forecast is:

We often see Grey Whales

We often see Grey Whales

Wednesday Breakfast and Sailing

We meet at Moss Landing Café, a local restaurant, for breakfast at 10:00 am.  Then we return to the club to go sailing.

Sunday Sailing

We meet in the Hearth Room at the club


From time to time we organize cruises to other locations such as Santa Cruz, Capitola, and Stillwater Cove in Pebble Beach. Cruisers make it more fun by coordinating with other yacht clubs and joining them when they go.

Lady Washington

Lady Washington Sailing into Moss Landing